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I have always loved vintage receivers. In addition to Hallicrafters, I have accumulated some interesting RCAs and other brands.

Click on the tumbnail for the full picture.  Enjoy!

10-k.jpg (74427 bytes)

RCA 10-K Receiver

avr-11.jpg (40981 bytes)
AVR11-SPKR.jpg (33321 bytes)

RCA AVR-11 Receiver

This is a 15-tube general coverage communications receiver built for use in airport control towers. It is from 1935, and has a frequency coverage of 140 kHz to 23 MHz in four bands. Also shown is its matching speaker.

1836.jpg (36560 bytes)

Midwest Radio Corp.
Model 1836 Receiver

18 tubes, circa 1936

Royal Victoria.jpg (46933 bytes)

Midwest Radio Corp.
Model 2436 Receiver

The "Royal Victoria," 24 tubes, 3 speakers, push pull triple parallel 6F6 40 watt power amp, two chassis, all wave 150 kHz to 60 MHz

RCA model 816K.jpg (44610 bytes)

RCA 816-K Receiver

The top-of-the-line, all wave for 1938. 16 tubes and 7 bands, electric tuning (with a motor driven device), push pull 6L6 audio amplifier and a closed speaker compartment with a huge 12" dynamic speaker. It is definitely High Fidelity, and the RF frequency coverage is .540 MHz to 22 MHz in three general coverage bands.  There are four "spread bands" for 19, 25, 31, and 49 meters.  See my 1990 Antique Radio Classified article on the restoration of this big receiver.

RCA U-109 (1).jpg (43642 bytes)

RCA U-109 Receiver

Here is the RCA Model U-109, a unit similar to the 816-K.  It is a  top- of-the-line all wave radio/phonograph from 1938, a single 12" speaker, two 2A3s in push- pull.  It has no recording capability, but does have electric tuning like the 816K. The frequency coverage is .540 MHz to 24 MHz in three bands.

630ts.jpg (39264 bytes)

RCA Model 630TS

First mass produced television after W.W.II (1946), 30 tubes, a very famous circuit design that was adopted by other manufactures and used as the standard for many years.

acr-111.jpg (42445 bytes)

Model ACR-111

A 16-tube general coverage amateur communications receiver covering 540 kHz to 30 MHz in 5 bands, with crystal filter, two stages of rf, with band spread. 1936 vintage.

D22-1 open.jpg (64345 bytes)
D22-1 closed.jpg (59037 bytes)

RCA Model D22-1

A top of the line 1935 radio/phonograph/disc recorder. 22 tubes, two 12" dynamic speakers, push-pull parallel 2A3 triodes in the final amplifier, all wave reception from 150 kHz to 60 MHz.

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