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Canadian Hallicrafters

I am coming to realize more and more that there is a large product line out there that deserves its own page on the site That product line is the radios built by Hallicrafters Canada Ltd. I have recently acquired most of the following, and have more on the way.

Click on the thumbnails for the full-sized picture.

ht-202.jpg (41925 bytes) Model HT-202
5-tube AC-DC AM radio, plastic case, circa 1957. I suspect there was a glue-on Hallicrafters nameplate on the flat part to the left of the dial.
  htr-262.jpg (45816 bytes) Model HTR-262
A 6-transistor AM radio in wood case trimmed in solid brass. Has a built in 6x9-inch speaker. Viewed from the front or back this radio looks the same. The dial is unusual in that it is "transverse", reading correctly from either front or rear.
ht-230.jpg (43088 bytes) Model HT-230
(sometimes-just model 230) a 5-tube AC-DC AM plastic clock radio circa mid 1950s.
  unknownCanadaBC.jpg (65639 bytes) Model 45H36
This radio is more compact than it looks in the photo.
unknownCanadaBC2.jpg (41632 bytes) Model 56C46

This is a five tube radio with a cool clock that not only tells time, but also the day and date!

  unknownCanadaBC3.jpg (38460 bytes) Unknown Model

Another Hallicrafters Canada Ltd. 5-tube radio of unknown model. Again, if you can identify this model please let me know.

Canadian Model HC-220 Model HC-220

AM Broadcast 5-tube AC-DC plastic clock radio circa mid 1950s.  Similar to the HT-230, but not as fancy.

  Canadian Model 55-38 Model 55-38

AM Broadcast.

ht-203.jpg (38856 bytes) Model HT-230

The model is identical to the HT-202 except for the color of the case.

  < canadian_5305.jpg (34989 bytes) Model 5305

A 4 tube portable, standard tubes and circuitry. Maroon plastic.  Were other colors made?

canadian_45H36_1.jpg (21991 bytes) Model 45H36   canadian_56-38_1.jpg (33696 bytes) Model 56-38
canadian_6514_1.jpg (44553 bytes)
canadian_6514_2.jpg (31819 bytes)
canadian_6514_3.jpg (30951 bytes)
Model 6514

Table radio/phonograph.

  canadian_SR39_1.jpg (32716 bytes) Model SR-39
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